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Business restructuring

As a business owner you always have to consider whether your firm's legal structure is still appropriate for its situation. A change in circumstances may warrant a change in structure.

Sole proprietorship or limited company?

Restructuring may involve the following:

  • converting a sole proprietorship into a private limited company (BV)

  • reconverting a BV into a sole proprietorship

  • expanding a sole proprietorship into a general partnership (VOF) or business partnership (maatschap)

  • expanding a single-BV structure into a structure composed of several BVs (the business of the existing BV is usually continued by one or several new BV's while the existing BV becomes the holding company of the new group).

What matters in all of these situations, as well as others, is the fine-tuning, and here the role of the consultant is very important.

Support on tax and legal matters

deWaardKramer can keep an eye on various aspects related to a change in structure:

  • We involve a civil-law notary and a company lawyer at an early stage to advise and act on the legal aspects.

  • We investigate the tax and accounting aspects, and advise on the best way forward. This means, for instance, exploiting the appropriate tax facilities in the appropriate time frames.

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