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Turbulent times

"When it's stormy, it's important to stay on course"

Every business goes through turbulent times. Great highs or deep lows, whatever happens you will have to make some awkward choices. The business could be sucked into a downward spiral. Profits are falling, the bank is tightening its conditions or calling in its loans, the workload is increasing, and the mood at work deteriorates.

deWaardKramer will provide support also in difficult times.

For instance, we can advise on the following:

  • whether to draw on your own capital

  • whether to cut staff and other costs

  • whether to hive off activities

  • whether to look for a capital injection

  • the strengths and weaknesses of your business

  • financing and staff levels.

Whether the business is flourishing or not, good advice is what makes the difference. You can always count on deWaardKramer.